USA Permanent Resident Visa

This is for individuals traveling to the US for business related purpose that do not require actual labor work or payments from a US source. A business visa can be applied for within 2 months of the travel and within 3 months if the business is scientific in nature. When certain established companies process visas for their employees in large volumes they can apply for the Business Executive Program. It allows the Consular officer to make uniformed decisions and expedites the processing. The length of the visa allows the individual to enter the US at any time within that duration. Dependents can apply for a tourist B2 visa.

Priority Workers

EB-1: Priority Workers

E11: Extraordinary ability

  • This visa is for applicants with exceptional talent in science, art, education, business or athletics and are recognized in their field.
  • It is recommended that applicants submit petition in 2-3 different categories in order to improve chances of success.
  • This visa does not require a sponsorship from an employer.


  • Must provide evidence of an achievement such as certifications or awards.
  • Applicant must show that they intend to continue work in this field after entering the country.