New Zealand Tourist Visa

Few places in the world, offer so much tranquillity and safety to live, travel, work or study as New Zealand. With little more than 4 million inhabitants, the country is about 2000 Km long by 400 Km in its widest part, comprehending 2 main Islands and some smaller ones. The Pacific Ocean borders the North and East coast of the country and the Tasman Sea the West coast. One of the most interesting characteristics of New Zealand, is that the landscape changes every 200 or so Kilometres travelled. It goes from beach vegetation into rainforest and from Alpine landscape into huge plains with volcanic valleys. Add to this the excellent domestic infra structure, and you will know why New Zealand is considered one of the countries with the best quality of life in the world.

The North Island

Concentrates more than 2/3 of the total population of the country with Auckland alone being responsible for almost half of the total population. Wellington on the South end of the North Island, is the Capital of New Zealand and second biggest city with about 600,000 inhabitants.

The North Island with the exception of the central plateau where the Alps are, have a pleasant weather most days of the year. During summer time (Dec to Feb), gorgeous beaches with pristine waters invites for great swimming or Surf. Also, the vegetation gets greener, perfect for trekking or a fantastic bath under a waterfall.

The South Island

Has a much smaller population due to a cooler climate and the long and tall alpine range that crosses the South island almost in its entire length. Because of these steep and high mountains, one can be sure he or she will face one of the most beautiful environments in the world. The beauty of the South Island with a sunny day is something never to be forgotten. The Kiwis have an extraordinary and inventive way to play in this environment and that is the why no place on earth has so many attractions, tours, radical tours that will take your breath out, and at the same time so much beauty to contemplate. Christchurch is the biggest city on the South island, Dunedin the second, and Queenstown is the princess of the cities and the world capital for radical sports and tours. From almost everywhere you are on the South Island you can see the alps, and as closer as you get to it, many gorgeous lakes, creeks and river can fascinate any tourist. There are so many breath-taking places on the South Island, that one can sit down on the side of the road and spend hour and hours just appreciating the beauty that surrounds you.


A person who arrives for the first time in New Zealand, will find the kiwis very friendly and keen to help a foreigner in anything they could. This impression doesn’t change with time, like in some other countries which the tourist bucks is more important than the visitor. Kiwis are proud to show their country to anyone, and they know what a piece of paradise they’ve got there. Outside the bigger cities like Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, it is difficult to walk for more than 15 minutes without someone say a hello, a good morning, or a kindly gesture, demonstrating they noted your presence, and are happy for you to be there.

Life in New Zealand is blessed compared with other places in the world. There are no dangerous animals on land, diseases break outs, terrorism fear or agricultural plagues. The country is clean, the sea water is very clear, beaches are pristine, and the air also is clean (except when the sheep eat too much). The social security system is one of the best in the world, providing the basic support for those in needs, not to mention the quality of hospitals and public schools which are top class. For sure New Zealand is a great small country with nice people and one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

Basic Features of the UK Tourist Visa / UK Visitor Visa

  • The New Zealand Tourist Visa / New Zealand Visitor Visa allows you to travel throughout New Zealand and visit New Zealand ‘s many attractions.
  • You can visit family and friends.
  • Visitors can also register for short courses relating to courses of areas of general interest, or to learn English.
  • Visitors can meet with prospective employers or recruiters in pursuit of employment opportunities.
  • Visitors are strictly not permitted to work on a New Zealand Tourist Visa / New Zealand Visitor Visa as this is illegal.